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Redeem $100 Off Same-Day Pest Control in North Palm Beach!
Your home should be your sanctuary, so if biting, stinging, or scurrying pests are taking it over, it’s time to take it back. Adam’s Pest Control offers quality pest control services in North Palm Beach to help keep your home peaceful and pest free for good! Get $100 Off with our Total Home Protection Plan.
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Same-Day Service

At Adam’s Pest Control, we believe in timely treatments. With our same-day service, you won't have to wait around to get relief from pests!

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Environmentally Safe

For over 30 years, we have been happy to provide low-risk treatments that are both environmentally and family-friendly. Your safety is one of our top priorities!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If a pest problem arises between your next scheduled service date, let us know & we’ll address it at no extra charge. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Our call was answered and a technician sent within 4 hours. He was polite, thorough and professional. And knew a whole lot more about mud daubers than we did. Great job!

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Pest Control in North Palm Beach

Household pests tend to thrive in North Palm Beach’s warm Florida climate, making the occasional infestation seem inevitable. Lucky for you, it doesn't have to be! Adam’s Pest Control offers quality pest control in North Palm Beach to relieve you of all of your unwanted household pests, including:

  • Ants & Fire Ants
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Silverfish
  • Termites
  • And more!

Thorough Solutions For All Your Pest Control Needs

Our comprehensive 15-point pest control program is designed to go above and beyond, identifying and eliminating the pests that are making your home their own, and then preventing new pests from even becoming a problem. Our North Palm Beach pest control program includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your home - We look at garages, porches, lights, and all the other nooks and crannies that critters love to hide in.
  • Effective elimination on every corner of your property - we treat crawl spaces, mulch beds, porches, and anywhere else pests might be hiding to give you thorough relief from every last pest making its home in your home.
  • Removal of pest remnants - We’ll remove spider webs and wasps nests from your property to make your home as inhospitable as possible to future unwelcome residents.
  • Advice from a skilled exterminator on how to keep pests out - Our pest control technicians will give you tips and tricks on how to keep your home pest free for the long haul.

Plus, with our same-day services, you will never have to worry about fighting off pests alone again!

Redeem $100 Off Pest Control!

Rodent Control in North Palm Beach

Rodents can cause damage to your home, carry dangerous diseases, and keep you feeling uncomfortable in your own home, so if you have mice or rats skittering around your halls, it’s time to call the experts! Here at Adam’s Pest Control, our skilled rodent control technicians know exactly what it takes to eliminate household rodents for good. Our comprehensive treatments come with exclusion services and complementary follow-up visits, so once your home is rodent free, you can rest easy knowing it will stay that way! Call today to see how you can save $25 off your initial North Palm Beach rodent control service. Our rodent control service includes:

  • A thorough inspection to find where rodents are entering your home from.
  • Family and pet safe rodent treatments.
  • Comprehensive treatments which will leave you with a rodent free home!

Redeem $25 Off Rodent Control!

Termite Prevention in North Palm Beach

Termites are among the most expensive pests, as well as some of the trickiest to uncover. If you are looking to prevent a full-blown infestation, Adam’s Pest Control is here to help! Our effective and hassle-free prevention utilizes highly effective Sentricon baiting systems restore your termite-free home in no time. Even better? All our North Palm Beach termite prevention is family and eco-friendly! Our termite prevention includes:

  • A complete inspection of your home.
  • The use of Sentricon treatments, which are extremely effective at taking care of termites.
  • Our prevention is environmentally and family-friendly!
  • Giving you a termite-free home!

Get Your Free Termite Prevention Quote

Bed Bug Treatment in North Palm Beach

When bed bugs infiltrate your home, they bring discomfort and sleepless nights. Even homes with the most regimented cleaning schedule can fall victim to these pests. Relief is three treatments away, and it will return your peace of mind. At Adam’s, we pride ourselves on providing eco-friendly treatments. Our bed bug exterminators in North Palm Beach use only the safest treatments. When you partner with us, you’ll receive effective treatments that also keep your family, pets, and the planet protected. 

Call our bed bug exterminators (772-878-4293) today!

Our Bed Bug Control Process 

Choosing Adam’s Pest Control for bed bug control in North Palm Beach means a service you can trust. 

You can expect superior bed bug protection that includes:

  • A detailed inspection and assessment of your home’s unique needs.
  • An initial liquidation treatment.
  • Two follow-up treatments to guarantee all bed bugs have been treated and removed.
  • A bed-bug-free home you deserve!

Mosquito Control in North Palm Beach

Are you ready to enjoy your backyard without the threat of annoying itchy mosquito bites? Adam’s Pest Control offer quality mosquito control services in North Palm Beach to help you reclaim your yard and enjoy a mosquito-free Summer. Our 15-point protection program protects all areas of your home using our highly effective mosquito repellant and other proven elimination techniques. Even better? All of our North Palm Beach mosquito treatments are eco-friendly, so you can be tough on mosquitos without being tough on the environment! Give us a call today to see how our Quality Pro certified technicians can restore your mosquito-free yard today!

Save $100 on our Total Home Protection Plan Initial Fee When You Contact Us Today!

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