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Types of Cockroaches in Florida


In South Florida, there are three main types of cockroaches found: American, German, and Brown-Banded. Here are the distinctions between the three:

1. American Cockroach

american cockroach


2. German Cockroach

german cockroach


3. Brown-banded Cockroach

brown-banded cockroach



  • Cockroaches can be domestic or peridomestic, meaning they live in homes or they live outdoors. German cockroaches tend to live indoors, while American cockroaches live outdoors.
  • Cockroaches can live up to 2 weeks without food and one month without water.
  • The shedding of skin and waste from cockroaches can trigger allergies and asthma in humans.
  • Cockroaches can feed on leftover food, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, soap, fabric, shoes, paint, and even glue!