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Types Of Ants in Florida

florida carpenter ant

There are thousands of different species of ants. Identifying the type of ant is one of the most important steps in eliminating them. Ants commonly found in the home in South Florida are the Sugar Ant, Ghost Ant, Fire Ant, Carpenter Ant, and Tawny Ant.

1. Sugar Ant – Often found in kitchen areas because of their liking to sugary foods.

sugar ant


2. Ghost Ants – Often found in cracks or spaces between cabinets and baseboards indoors, and potted plants outdoors.

ghost ant


3. Fire Ant – Aggressive ant species due to their tendency to sting, and are often found outdoors in the soil near moist ground.

fire ants


4. Florida Carpenter Ant – Although it does not create new damage to wood, they tend to nest in existing voids in wood, such as rotten wood.

florida carpenter ant


5. Tawny Ant – a.k.a. Crazy Ant – Known for their quick, erratic movements, and are usually found in homes near electrical equipment due to the heat it puts off.

tawny ant