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Tips For A Healthy Lawn

dewy lawn

Grass isn’t always greener on the other side; it’s greener where it’s watered! Having a healthy, green lawn isn’t about luck but rather these five elements of effective lawn care that together make sure you have greener, better grass than ever before.

  1. Having a healthy lawn starts with choosing the right type of grass. Consider your weather and climate before buying grass as well as the amount of shaded area there is on your property. South Florida’s two most popular types of grass are St. Augustine and Bahia found commonly in neighborhoods such as Jupiter, and North Palm Beach, Florida.
  2. Grass will be in its best shape when it’s taken care of properly. Planting grass is good for areas that don’t have a lot of traffic. Areas that experience a lot of walking, biking, or driving will only end up with dead grass and brown patches due to lack of oxygen getting to the grass.
  3. It’s also important to be careful with your use of chemicals. Many homeowners are quick to fix weeds with chemicals. Sure, a spray will kill the weeds but it will also kill surrounding plants and grass as well as leave the root in the soil so the weed can easily and quickly re-grow.
  4. If your lawn is recovering from a weed or pest infestation, you should perform preventative maintenance to your grass. Planning for a problem before it starts is a great way to avoid the problem altogether. For example, having an irrigation system before your grass dries out and dies leaving patches of brittle, brown blades of grass.
  5. Check with a landscaping professional for advice on irrigation, pesticides, and fertilization as well as watering, you will be able to have a healthy lawn that fully recovers and repels new weeds and pest.

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