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Mosquito Prevention 101

mosquito on arm

There’s so much to love about summer: warm weather, longer days, and a little extra incentive to finally stop putting off that beach visit you’ve been planning. However, there’s one thing about summer that no one enjoys - more mosquitoes. In addition to being annoying and leaving itchy bites, mosquitos can also carry dangerous diseases (Yellow Fever, Malaria, Zika, etc.) that pose huge risks to yourself and your loved ones. Here are five fast tips to prevent these pests from crashing your summer BBQ:

  1. Use strategic lighting - According to Meyer Lucas Real Estate, setting up outdoor lighting a small distance away from your home can draw insects away from your house and reduce the number of mosquitos that find their way indoors.
  2. Beware of standing water - Pet bowls, birdbaths, and rain barrels can all attract mosquitoes, who use still water as breeding grounds. Make sure you change them out at least once a week.
  3. Hang mosquito netting - If your porch/yard isn’t screened well, consider purchasing some sheets of mosquito netting, preferably ones already treated with insecticides.
  4. Grow specific herbs - If you already have a garden or were thinking of starting one, consider growing repellent herbs like mint, lemon balm, lavender, or basil. Basil is especially toxic to mosquito larvae.
  5. Turn on the fan - As aggressive as mosquitoes are, they’re surprisingly weak flyers. Even the airflow from a small portable fan placed near you and low to the ground can deter them from biting you.

These mosquito control tips and tricks should help decrease the number of pesky mosquitoes you see. However, DIY methods rarely eliminate the issue altogether. If mosquitoes are still causing you and your family and friends to itch and scratch your way through summer - give us a call! Our team of experienced mosquito exterminators are here to help.

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