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Hiding Ants? We Can Find Them!

close-up of ant

The disturbing thing about ants is that if you see one crawling across your kitchen counter, there are likely many more somewhere else hiding. In the warmest months of the Florida summer, ants enter into homes looking for food and water. Since they are small and quick, they often end up in places out of sight in large colonies, collecting food one by one and bringing it back to the rest of their groups. It can be difficult to find these ant colonies, but knowing where they like to hide can help you find them and get rid of them quickly.

An ant colony’s favorite place to take up residence is in the kitchen. Close to food and water, they often breed and live underneath sinks or in the walls surrounding the kitchen. Even the smallest crumb left on a countertop or on the kitchen floor can attract the ants and feed the colony, perpetuating the problem. Second to the kitchen, ants love bathrooms. Excessive moisture attracts ants to these rooms in any house. A common occurrence is when carpenter ants built nests in damp areas that surround the bathroom like under the sink or behind wet bathroom floor tiles. Keeping both kitchens and bathrooms free of excessive water, moisture and any type of crumbs can help prevent an ant infestation.

Unfortunately, if ants can’t live in these two rooms they aren’t opposed to living in other places within a house. For example, different types of ants that get into the home through the tiniest cracks can also be found inside walls or even living inside air conditioning units. Since almost every home in Florida has an AC unit, they are at an increased risk for ant infestation. Ants are one of the hardest pests to control and remove. If you notice ants in your house, calling Adam’s Pest Control will get professionals out to your home and diagnose and take care of the problem. The sooner you can get rid of ants; the better as there will be less damage to you and your property.