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Dragonflies Help with Pest Control

dragonfly on leaf

Did you know that Florida contains more than 150 species of dragonflies? They favor warm, wet environments. They begin as nymphs, living in water for months or even years before transforming into a dragonfly. Even as they live in water, they feed on mosquito larvae, tadpoles, and small fish. Once they grow into larger dragonflies, they continue to prey on unwanted pests such as mosquitos, flies, ants, and wasps.

You can distinguish males from females due to their color difference. Males tend to be more of a red color, while females tend to be yellow. You may have noticed that dragonflies have very large, distinct eyes. They prey relying mostly on their sight, which is also why you will see them more often during the day. You may find them near water, such as ponds, streams, and drains. Because of Florida’s warm climate, you will find dragonflies to be “in-season” year-round.

So, next time you see a dragonfly, think about the benefits it provides in pest control. For more information on common household pests and how to protect your home, contact us here.